• Modern responsive web design

    Responsive design automatically scales content to display intuitively on all devices, from hi-res widescreen monitors to smartphones e.g. ‘Call us now’ buttons appear on smartphones.

  • Website banners & promotions change in real time

    Your website becomes the hub for the latest offers & promotions! Website Banners & Promotions automatically change on a daily basis, driven by manufacturers, buying groups & suppliers, or manually add your own

  • Order Pad

    Easy re-ordering for account or contract customers. Re-order via tabs showing favourites, popular items, contract only items or re-order from items on previous orders

  • Smart Shopping Checkout

    Fully hosted, secure, online shopping integrates with popular PSP’s (Payment Service Providers). Recognises an incomplete or abandoned basket, auto-emails the customer with reminders and/or incentives to complete basket, post a review, order consumables etc.

  • Strong 'Feature Rich' Landing Pages

    Clear pricing, current offers & promotions, key benefits, full specifications, product attributes, product brochures, manufacturer key features, stock levels, availability, accessories & consumables, images, video, auto cross sell/up-sell, special offers overlaid on image, reviews, awards, social engagement.

  • Shop By Sector

    Easily categorise products into industry sectors or niche product groups - back to school healthcare, education, finance, seasonal shops, legal, mobility etc.

  • Fast

    Built on the same platform as Amazon - delivering speed and scalability

  • Advanced Search Tools

    Advanced second generation data product finder tools allow the user to select products by their APPLICATION. e.g. Find a labeller > address labeller > food labeller etc.


  • Offers & Promotions Management

    Instantly create and display offers across the website, choose from a pool of the latest offers, or set-up your own. Easily schedule offers and promotions, or instantly publish in real-time to the website and social media platforms

  • Banner Management

    Allows administrators to control sliding and fixed banners around the website. Upload banners, or choose from a pool of manufacturer supplied banners, advertising offers and promotions – all uploaded to the website in real time

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Built in Marketing & Social Media engagement tools allow you to easily engage with your customers via E-shots & Social Media Integration. Instantly share manufacturer offers and promotions at the push of a button. Build branded offers and product mailers on the fly. Emails link directly back to the offers or promotions on your website.

  • Product Content Module

    Create, edit & publish specifications. Manage consumables, accessories, product attributes, cross sell/up sell, images, content, videos, tags, SEO variants etc. All easily editable and updated to the website in real time. Managed Content.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Detailed overviews of transactions, sales figures, active offers, active promotions, web stats, top selling products, reporting etc.

  • Tag Management

    A powerful feature allowing flexibility and control across all product data. Create TAGS to group product together, by feature, by type, by special offer etc.

  • Manufacturer Module

    A login for manufacturers to handle their own data - publish special offers in real time, launch new product, add video, upload banners, upload adverts to handle a technical sale on your behalf

  • Powerful Pricing Plans

    Customer pricing can be configured globally, by category, brand and right down to SKU level, either by fixed item pricing or by markup margin. Contract pricing or individual customer pricing can easily be setup, including the display of differing content and pricing to different customers, based on their login

  • Supplier Pricing & Stock Feeds

    Intelligently handles multiple supplier pricing and stock feeds to intuitively display the best product & pricing on the website, in real time.

  • Industry Data

    Uses data from any supplier e.g. industry data from office products wholesalers such as Vow and Spicers, data from any independent distributor, your own data Integrates with popular data providers such as Open Range whose product data service covers an increasing number of market sectors to bring you the best images, videos and product specifications to supercharge your web store

  • JGBM Machines Data

    JGBM enhanced office machines data FOC – images, PDF’s, attributes, product awards, 500+ product videos. Find products by their application. e.g. Address labelling, Food Labelling etc.

  • Product Feeds & Price Comparisons

    Schedules pricing & stock feeds to popular e-commerce channels & comparison websites such as Google Shopping.

  • SEO Friendly

    Optimise content, category and product pages. Customise your title tags, meta tags and descriptions for Google.

  • Back Office Integration

    XML ordering and full EDI options (POA)


With forward thinking design and functionality, 20/20Pro has been created to take your business to the next level. A modern and engaging platform able to link with hundreds of different manufacturers, showcasing great product information within an easy to manage e-commerce solution.